Reduce anxiety with CBD

Reduce anxiety with CBD
October 1, 2019 bïdi
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A natural solution to tame our adaptative response to danger.

Our bodies were originally designed to help us react properly to external threats, such as scary predators! Normal anxiety is adaptative: in the predator scenario, if you were trying to avoid being seen -and eaten- your heart would start beating fast, your palms sweating, your mind and body ready to fight of flight. Jump to the present: if it sometimes feels as if your body were preparing to fight a big animal, but you’re just dealing with your daily chores, the issue becomes more complex. (Spoiler alert: bïdi’s CBD oil can help!)

Whether or not it is justified as per a real threat, it is never pleasant to feel anxious. Especially if you experience it on a daily basis and it stops you from enjoying life. 

Even though in the present time we are not facing big predators night and day, we do live fast-paced lives: running around from our jobs, to our homes, to our social lives, our hobbies, physical activities, etc. Even more so, our hyper-connected internet society can sometimes make us actually feel disconnected and alone, resulting in more anxiety.

There are many natural options we can try in order to manage our anxiety and live our days with a higher sense of calm. From breathwork to mindfulness and a healthy diet, there’s a path for each walker. And, since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, there’s a natural health solution that can help with anxiety and is available for all of us: CBD

Even though some people resist giving it a try because they fear it might cause them a ‘high’, resulting in even more anxiety, bïdi produces an organic full spectrum CBD oil that contains less than .3 % THC (which means it is non-intoxicating!).

Our advice is: start small. Once you are feeling more calm, you can up the dose. bïdi’s milder version of full spectrum raw CBD oil is an ideal first approach. Take it daily, and let us know how you feel! Another thing: natural solutions take time. Give it 3 to 7 days before analyzing the results. And remember, always consult with your doctor prior to starting your CBD journey.

Any doubts? Share them with us! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram or via e-mail: We love talking to our community!

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