La vita è bella

La vita è bella
September 3, 2019 bïdi
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Francesca has lived in Miami with her husband for 20 years. Being an italian, she takes enjoying life very seriously.

At 62, she leads a very active life that includes exercising, cooking healthy meals – with the occasional guilt-free sugary treat- , working as a translator and text editor, volunteering at the Brazilian Cultural Center, going to the movies and spending time with loved ones.  

However, she lives with a disturbing pain in the waist and, as many of us, stress and anxiety. 

Inspired by one of her sons, who discovered CBD oil while studying Sports Psychology, she decided to give it a try.

“After only two weeks of taking it daily, I started noticing the effect: I felt more serene, less worried and nervous. I started facing challenging situations with a growing sense of calmness and happiness” says Francesca.

The pain took a bit longer to decrease, but after a few months of taking it, she’s definitely feeling the difference.

“Stress produces a lot of complications, in my case inflammation and pain in the waist. CBD oil has helped me reduce inflammation and decrease anxiety, so it’s been a win from both sides of the problem.” 

“I think everyone should take CBD, with all its natural beneficial properties and no harmful side effects, I don’t see why anybody would refuse to try it!”

We couldn’t agree more!
Thank you Francesca, for sharing your passion and story with us.

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