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  • Feb272020
    A pet owner giving CBD to his dog

    What to Know If You Want to Give Your Dog CBD

    We all want our dogs to be happy and healthy, especially those of us who consider our pups to be…

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  • Feb272020
    A display of full-spectrum and isolate CBD products

    The Difference Between Full-Spectrum and Isolate CBD

    Making CBD a part of your daily routine can be an exciting step towards boosting your overall sense of wellbeing,…

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  • Jan312020
    Valentine's Day gift ideas for the CBD lover in your life

    5 Valentine’s Day CBD Gift Ideas

    For centuries, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated as a holiday for romance and love. Here at bidi CBD, we’re firm…

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  • Jan302020
    A female athlete working out while using CBD products

    How Athletes are Utilizing CBD Post-Workout

    Professional athletes and those in the fitness world are often the first to know about the latest topics in wellness,…

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  • Jan292020
    What to know about CBD for your pets (A guide)

    What to Know Before Using CBD for Your Pets

    With just three letters and one seriously promising future, CBD has millions of people buzzing about one seriously impressive plant:…

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  • Dec272019
    3 women using CBD topicals on their skin

    How To Use Full-Spectrum CBD On Your Skin

    You’ve likely seen CBD touted as the “next big thing” for everything from stress to body discomfort – but what…

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  • Dec262019

    5 Ways To Add CBD to Your Daily Lifestyle Routine

    For consumers that enjoy CBD for beauty and personal wellness, there are countless reasons why the plant-based products have become…

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  • Oct292019

    The essence of bïdi

    What inspires us to help you live better

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  • Oct252019
    menstrual cramps

    bïdi vs menstrual cramps

    Your green kit for red days

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  • Oct232019

    CBD oil for pets that tastes like bacon? Woof-woof!

    All about bïdi’s new oil and why you may love it even more than your pet!

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