5 Valentine’s Day CBD Gift Ideas

5 Valentine’s Day CBD Gift Ideas
January 31, 2020 bïdi
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Valentine's Day gift ideas for the CBD lover in your life

For centuries, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated as a holiday for romance and love. Here at bidi CBD, we’re firm believers in the idea that love should be celebrated every day of the year – but we also know that a special gift on Valentine’s Day can be a thoughtful way to show a special someone how much you care. 

Instead of buying the usual box of chocolates and flowers (though we can’t say we’d complain about a sweet treat or two!), treat your sweetie to the gift that will keep on giving well past February 14th: CBD. There’s no question that CBD has become a hot topic in the world of natural living and wellness, and there are a wide variety of CBD products that don’t just make a great addition to your daily routine – they also make an incredible gift.

Here are our top five picks for Valentine’s Day CBD gift ideas for your favorite valentine.

  1. A bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil

    Our number one CBD gift idea is a bottle of full-spectrum, raw CBD oil – mainly because it’s a versatile CBD product that’s well-suited for both new and seasoned CBD consumers. Consumers have reported using CBD oil for skin health, relief from various symptoms, and overall well being, making this a gift that anyone will love.

  2. CBD capsules for the ultimate in convenience

    Maybe your sweetheart has tried CBD oil, but wasn’t a huge fan of the flavor or consistency. In that case, CBD capsules might be an excellent alternative. Infused with a rich, full-spectrum CBD extract, these capsules also boast a variety of nourishing fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

  3. The best CBD cream in the industry

    With a light, clean scent and 300mg of full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, this CBD cream offers a luxurious CBD experience that’s perfect for the sweetheart in need of self-care. Made with expertly-extracted CBD from organic hemp, the cream is all-natural and pleasantly moisturizing. 

  4. Pet-friendly CBD oil for their furry family member

    If you love someone who dearly loves their dog or cat, the greatest gift you can give them might be something for their four-legged friend. CBD oil for dogs and cats offers all the best characteristics of organic, premium CBD in a pet-friendly form.

  5. A variety of new CBD products to try 

    Shopping for someone who is brand-new to CBD? Or maybe your valentine has tried and loved a few forms of CBD already. Either way, a CBD gift basket – filled with an organic CBD oil, cream, and even capsules – is a statement-making present they’ll never forget.

Shop for Premium CBD Products from bidi CBD

When you’re searching for the best CBD cream, capsules, and oil, sorting the good products from the less-than-great can be a challenge. But here, at bidi CBD, you can be confident that every single one of our CBD products for sale is crafted with quality, purity, and consistency in mind. 

Using organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp grown with care on a family farm in Kentucky, we’ve created a curated series of full-spectrum CBD oils, capsules, cream, and even pet-friendly products. Our CBD products complete rigorous third-party testing, because we are committed to making sure that every bottle lives up to our high standards. Whether you’re shopping for a CBD Valentine’s Day gift or want to treat yourself to something special, you’ll love the clean ingredients and expert formulations that go into every bidi CBD bottle. 

Get more creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the CBD enthusiast in your life by browsing the full selection of bidi CBD products today.

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