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  • Oct182019
    capsulas blog

    NEW! bïdi’s 20 mg CBD capsules

    A few reasons why you’ll love them

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  • Oct152019

    The Entourage Effect: from Aristotle to CBD

    The benefits of choosing full spectrum products.

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  • Oct012019
    cbd anxiety vertical

    Reduce anxiety with CBD

    A natural solution to tame our adaptative response to danger.

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  • Sep232019
    sleeping cbd

    Sleeping without pills: a dream come true

    How CBD ended with a hard-to-break habit

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  • Sep112019
    nerding it up

    The endocannabinoid system: nerding it up

    The discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in the early 1990’s marked the beginning of the hemp revolution we are now immersed in.

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  • Sep032019

    La vita è bella

    Francesca has lived in Miami with her husband for 20 years. Being an italian, she takes enjoying life very seriously.

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  • Jun152019
    truth and dare cbd

    Truth AND dare on CBD

    A little demystifying to help you dive into the CBD experience.

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  • Apr282019
    cbd for pets

    Hemp for the furry members of our families too!

    Everything you need to know to help your pet with CBD full spectrum oil.

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  • Apr282019
    inside bïdi

    bïdi: inside our world

    Why we are your top choice in CBD full-spectrum products

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